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Dealsbull is a new platform to promote and distribute best deals and coupons. It has started its operations throughout Turkey, in fall 2020. It is one of exciting and amazing projects of GO TO THE MOON. It is young and proactive UK-based technology firm which is working within the scope of mobile applications and web-based projects development.

To summarize the project briefly, it can be said that Dealsbull is a shopping-based social network platform. Other than the artificial intelligence technology which has been using for the many of the current deal sites, real users’ personal experiences are taking the serious role on Dealsbull. Each and every product from electronics to food, from cosmetics to office supplies, will be on the site by the users. This is pretty new model for Australia’s digital market and it is expected that there will be a great number of product available in a short time.

By the help of aggressive marketing strategies and powerful outputs of strong teamwork, it has reached a very large amount of user in a short time and continues to increase its potential in a positive correlation with existing plans and expectations with an increasing traffic day by day.

Same project has been planned, realized and continues simultaneously, as www.firsatbull.com in Turkey, www.dealsbull.com in United States of America and www.dealsbull.co.uk in United Kingdom.

Dealsbull is a platform with a simple and user-friendly interface, all the groupings that will be needed by users, such as product categories, wages, producers, etc. The most important distinguished and highlighted features of this platform can be summarized as follows:

– Products/Deals are sharing by real consumers.

– In this way, it enables the formation of a new shopping-based social network platform.

– The site is working with users on a win-win model.

How Does It Work

One of the Dealsbull’s two basic principles is to display best deals in the market that cannot be reached by every consumer simultaneously. The other one is to create a shopping community, to ensure that positive/negative personal experiences about companies and products are shared quickly and to help people to have pleasant shopping experience.

The products published on the site are rated by the real users, thanks to their experience. To do this, it aims to provide a practical preliminary information and opportunity to make a comparison about the product. When users click on the products on the site, they are directed to the original web site of the seller and make their purchase on the main platform.

Each product is uploaded by registered and approved users on the site and shared after being checked by the editorial team. Users become a part of the community by sharing products’ links which already exist on shopping sites and institutional web pages, by their own profiles. Then, the link is being published with this user profile. In this system, people in the community can create their own shopping networks through the follow-up lists they will organize depending on their interests.

The community evaluates the shared products based on their own experiences. By this way, they provide a simple and effective feedback on whether the given price is within an appropriate price range. Again at this point, all attempts against the site rules and regulations or attempts to mislead other consumers are prevented by the editors.

Dealsbull, with its fast product flow and heavy user traffic, offers a platform that cannot be ignored for companies as well as individuals. When firms would like to display their campaigns and deals on the page, they take their place on the platform as advertisement/ sponsored content within the framework of agreements. Sponsored products are shown to users depending on the determined frequencies in the agreement, Google Ad info and user behaviors.

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