Apple Cider Vinegar Gums from New Age – 2 Pack – 120 Pieces

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$14.40 $19.95 Buy It Now
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$14.40 $19.95 Buy It Now

New Age Cider Vinegar Gums are made with only the highest quality ingredients. Each chewing gum contains a delicious combination of apples, beets, pomegranates, citric acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B9! We have also added the word ‘mother’ so that you can also reap all the vital benefits of apple cider vinegar.
Energize Your Day – Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses your body and makes you feel refreshed, promoting improved bodily functions and overall health! Apple cider vinegar’s unique acid profile can help detoxify your liver by binding to harmful toxins, which helps flush them out of your body and prevents them from spreading. Similarly, apple cider vinegar may be beneficial for colon cleansing, bloating, and overall immune system health.

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