Aztec Premium Indian Healing Clay, 100% Natural & Organic Calcium Bentonite Clay, 16 Oz

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$7.85 $10.33 Buy It Now

Compare with AZTEC SECRET active ingredient (Calcium Bentonite)
100% Natural and Organic Calcium Bentonite Clay from the Mojave Desert. Calcium Bentonite is better than Sodium Bentonite and Activated Charcoal to naturally remove oil, dirt and grime from pores
STERILIZED according to FD&C guidelines for harmful bacteria, molds and yeasts to humans
Unlike other companies we own and operate the Bentonite Clay Mine and are able to maintain very high quality control of our 100% Natural and Organic Calcium Bentonite Clay. We have the highest grade of Calcium Bentonite which means our customers get a superior product compared to other brands.

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