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EA’s Battlefield 1 key turns back time and brings us to the first major global conflict of the modern era. It is the fifth game in the series, but the earliest in the time frame where the action took place. Battlefield’s widely known massive multiplayer mode, its ever-changing incredible environments, a variety of air and ground vehicles, and weapons used at the time are recreated in the game environment. Moreover, the BF1 key also unlocks a well-written single-player story mode, a game with 5 in-depth stories from the venerable era.

The ever-changing battlefield
As an all-out world war centered around cities, mountains and deserts, purchase the Battlefield 1 key and decide where to start the battle. The environment is gripping and expansive, with bombs exploding and bullets flying everywhere. Everything that surrounds you can be destroyed at any moment, which means that there is not a single corner where you can feel completely safe.

Bring a Horse to Tank War
Between the tanks and planes we’re all used to, you’ll also be able to drive an armored train, massive airships, the revolutionary battleship Dreadnought, and finally, a horse with the Battlefield 1 key. Following historical accuracy, in Battlefield 1 riders walk in battle on horseback, as the setting shown in BF1 marks the last conflict in which horses had any relevant use. Still, the speed and maneuverability a horse provides is no joke.

News from BF1 Multiplayer
Equipped with multiplayer for up to 64 players, the Battlefield 1 key once again fills the battlefield with intense explosions, endless action and destruction. Along with the standard multiplayer weapon download, a brand new Operation mode is here. In this multiplayer mode, players are placed in two fighting teams, one trying to cross the front line to the next map, while the other to prevent this from happening.

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