Cool Protection Stand – 3D Mask Bracket, Pack of 5

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$7.99 $9.99 Buy It Now

High Quality Material: Face frame support bracket made of food grade plastic material, soft, smooth and comfortable, non-toxic and harmless, non-irritating to the skin, washable and reusable.

Bracket Function: The common way of wearing a mask will cause fogging, which will affect vision when walking or cycling. Do not apply lipstick so that your perfect makeup does not fall apart.

Much Cleaner Mask to Wear: The bracket reduces the frequency of friction between the mask and the face to avoid staining the liner.

Comfortable: The nose bridge is designed to fit the Cross type face, your nose will not feel pressure. It breathes more easily, breathes and is not stuffy.

Reminder: Using double-sided tape or thread to attach the support frame to the mask can make the mask work better

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