Flambeau Pop ‘N Hit Plastic Bat

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$15.95 $16.99 Buy It Now

Whether you are a shooter or not, do you need to improve your shooting skills?
Then the Duncan Pop N Hit Bat and Ball Set is what you need.
This unique bat has a spring loaded system that lets you shoot for yourself or your friends, so you can hone your skills whenever you want.
Made of durable plastic, this stick stands up to the hard work it takes to become a professional pastry maker.
The four balls included in this set allow you to swing multiple times before you need to collect those home runs.
Pump the bat for a more powerful stride to really sharpen your shot.
The Duncan Pop N Hit Bat and Ball Set is easy to take anywhere you want to practice, as all the balls fit on the bat for easy carrying.
Get the Duncan Pop N Hit Bat and Ball Set today and start hitting like a major league player.

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