Hudson Valley Magret Moulard Duck Breast

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It slowly cures in the same process used to make our Culatello, Coppa and Bresaola. Minimal processing and ingredients are used to allow the duck’s natural flavors to shine through. All-natural, certified humane duck breasts.

How to Slice Our Dried Duck Breast

Our dried duck breast can be sliced ​​both lengthwise and along the piping. If you choose to cut the duck with a knife, we recommend slicing the duck breasts very thinly along the short end of the breast. If you have a slicer, you can also slice dried duck breast on the lowest setting of your slicer.

How Do We Present Our Dry Duck Breast?

Serve at room temperature for best flavor. You can also get creative by dicing the dry duck breast, sautéing it and adding it to a plate.

How to Store Leftover Dried Duck Breast?

Duck can be stored in the refrigerator for several months, wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in a container. Food preservatives are always best. You may see some mold growth, but when that happens you can take a damp paper towel and wipe it off.

Ingredients: Hudson Valley Duck Breast, Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt, Red Wine, Telicherry Black Pepper, Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate

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