IDEALFIT CLEAR WHEY PROTEIN – 20 SERVINGS | A refreshing and juicy post-workout protein boost

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$17.99 $29.99 Buy It Now

IdealFit Clear Whey Protein is a great fruity alternative to the regular creamy protein shake. We used hydrolyzed whey protein isolate to create a refreshing, fruity protein shake that doesn’t have the usual creamy taste.

Discover more about Clear Whey here!

Comes in 9 delicious fruity flavors:

Tropical Dragon Fruit
Apple and Cranberry*
Ice tea
peach mango
Green apple
Our Clear Whey Protein is the perfect protein option for women – each scoop of fruit contains 20g of protein, only 80 calories and is even sugar-free!

*Strawberry and Apple & Cranberry flavors contain 90 calories.

Why Choose Clear Whey?

Flavor: Clear whey protein has a delicious and refreshing taste that is really different from the milky thick taste of regular whey. A great way to sweeten your water and get more protein.

A study published in Build Lean Muscle: The International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that supplementing with hydrolyzed (clear) whey protein can lead to more significant gains in both muscle strength and overall lean body mass compared to a group that consumed casein. protein.

Recovery: Another study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that a clear whey protein supplement more effectively accelerates recovery. Faster recovery will help you get the relief you need from sore muscles!

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