IV Administration Set |IV infusion set with flow regulator Sterile Includes Injection Site 20 Drip/mL Intravenous Fluid Infusion

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$39.90 $59.90 Buy It Now

– Infusion System

– Luer Lock 21G

– sterile

– Do not use together with blood and blood components.

– Disposable

– Damaged and unsealed packages are not sterile

– Store in cold and dry environment

– This product contains DEHP (Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate.

– Multiple or long-term medical treatments may increase phthalate exposure in patients

– This product contains natural rubber latex

– Non-pyrogenic


User’s manual

Close the rotary clamp controlling the fluid flow and insert the drip chamber piercing into the infusion set cap plug.

Press and release the drip chamber until it is filled with liquid.

Open the drip control section and drain the fluid to purge the air from the system.

Close the clamp when a few drops come out of the needle.

Insert the infusion set into the patient’s vascular access and adjust the drip rate.

The set is suitable for PVC and glass vial IV containers.

The set should be changed according to the current drug and duration recommended in the administration guide.

Dispose of the set as medical waste after use.

It only works with gravity.

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