Jim Beam Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets, Set of 3 (6″, 8″ & 10″)

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$23.99 $59.99 Buy It Now

The Jim Beam 3-Piece Cast Iron Set includes 3 pans pre-flavored with vegetable oil that ensures the pans heat evenly and the food is cooked perfectly.
This set has variety, allowing you to use any pan that suits your food quantity, cooking yourself a small piece of chicken or a large fish you just caught.
Set Includes: 6 1/4″, 7 3/4″ and 9 3/4″
Cast Iron has been used in cooking for over 2000 years, so the tradition has been passed down through the generations, and that’s because nothing cooks meat like heavy-duty cast iron skillets, and even the ancients knew it.
Cooking with Cast Iron Pans, this pan, which is very beneficial for both your health and your kitchen, will last for many years when used correctly.
All Jim Beam Barbecue tools are manufactured to the highest quality and the range includes a variety of items to meet your Barbecue and Kitchen needs.

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