Klean Collagen+C – 340g Berry flavored Collagen and vitamin C powder

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Deal Score+1
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Klean Collagen+C – 340g

Berry flavored Collagen and vitamin C powder

Being an athlete requires consistency and repetition and can result in normal wear, tear and strain on our bones, joints and connective tissues as a result. As any athlete knows, staying off the pitches in the middle of the season is never fun or just when you’re starting to get those fitness gains and personal bests. Klean Collagen+C is a delicious natural fruit drink blend containing easily absorbable collagen peptides combined with naturally sourced vitamin C from organic amla fruit for joint and connective tissue support to keep you in play as much as possible.‡

Research shows that supplemental collagen peptides help maintain cartilage health by promoting cartilage regeneration and provide protection for connective tissue by promoting healthy collagen production. Vitamin C, in combination with the amino acids proline and glycine found in collagen, has been studied for its synergistic effects on post-exercise collagen production. When it comes to your health, performance and mobility, give your body everything it needs to crush the next workout and push back stronger day after day. Klean Collagen+C is your tool to do just that.

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