Nail Fungal Treatment Feet Care Essence Nail Foot Whitening Toe Nail Fungus Removal Gel Anti Infection Paronychia Onychomycosis

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$4.99 $19.98 Buy It Now

Lonicera japonica Fungal Nail Care Essential Oil

Net Weight: 0.34 fl.oz/30ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Origin: China

Product features:

This product contains Lonicera japonica extract.

fungal infection, atrophy, onychomycosis caused by roughness,

thickening, breaking, yellowing, shedding, etc. long-term use

stimulates and strengthens the production of cellular proteins;

The reparative function of the nails ensures healthy growth of the nails.

Scope of Use: Suitable for people with nail problems.

Ingredients: Lonicera japonica, Chicken bone, hyaluronic acid etc.

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