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As, we sensitively care about the security of your personal data. This Privacy Agreement gives details about what information about users is collected, used, and protected by when using our website.

The user acknowledges that he/she has read the principles of the Agreement when the services provided by are used or takes a related position to these services, that he/she has been informed about the confidentiality and integrity of personal data, and that the user is responsible for the violation of this Agreement.

Your personal data that you share with may be obtained, recorded, stored, altered, rearranged, or processed by us within the framework of the relevant legislation, whether in whole or in part, automatically or by being part of any data recording system.

To be able to prepare your data in accordance with the requirements of the convention and technology and to develop it in accordance with the requirements of the contract and technology, to improve and diversify the opportunities we offer to our users or to share them with those concerned who can provide them, to create a database, to make a listing, reporting, verification, analysis, and evaluations, to produce statistical information and to share them with third parties who are experts in the field when necessary, to analyze advertising preferences, to request and to provide them if required by the legislation and/or prosecutors, we process the data in the framework of the article 6698 of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-KVKK) and other relevant regulations on the basis of your express of full consent. In the same way, we also process the data to inform the courts and other relevant public institutions and organizations, fulfill our obligations according to the legislation, and exercise the rights of in the context of the legislation.

By accepting this Agreement, the user is deemed to have consented to the collection, processing, use, storage, and transfer of personal information that he consents to share with to obtain various advantages of the user when using the services and to establish all kinds of electronic communications for user-specific advertising, surveys, marketing and similar purposes with the user.

Your personal data is collected continuously with your express consent through means such as cookies and web beacons when you access the site, use the services by, or register on our system.

Cookies are small text files stored on your electronic device or network server via browsers by the websites you visit. We use cookies on our site for purposes such as improving the services offered to you by improving the functionality and performance of the site, providing new features through the site, and personalizing the features offered according to your preferences. In addition to the cookies we provide on our platform, we may also use cookies to improve the user experience and engage in advertising activities according to preferences within the scope of services received from third parties.

As an example of the information we collect personally or anonymously, we may provide names, surnames, gender, age, nicknames, telephone, email address, and other contact information, user’s application and web notification preferences, the actions and preferences made while using the site, data about the device it uses, information about the user’s personal interest such as search queries, shopping preferences, comments, and the actions the user performs regarding advertisements on the site. may share personal data with advertisers, business partners, sponsors, or other third parties to adapt or improve the content and advertising of the site and for other reasons described above. Also, the data may be transferred to third parties at home and abroad in accordance with the legislation and the Agreement.

In accordance with Article 4 of the GDPR (KVKK), has an obligation to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date. With this regard, the user undertakes the accuracy and up-to-datedness of the information provided by when it benefits from the services provided by the Service or takes any action related to these services. retains the personal data it gathers, uses, and processes in accordance with the KVKK for the periods stipulated in the relevant legislation or required for processing. We are committed to taking necessary security measures to ensure that stored data is not lost, does not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons, and prevents unlawful use. However, there may be situations where unauthorized persons can bypass these measures and access the information. The user acknowledges and undertakes that shall not be held responsible for such situations and for damage to the information that The user agrees to share with for any reason that may be caused by his/her software and operating system or any defect in protecting the user’s data when accessing or using the Services offered to the site.

The user acknowledges and undertakes that is not responsible for the security policies, terms of use, and practices of the relevant platforms and any damages that the user may suffer on these platforms where access to other sites is possible through

By contacting, to find out if it has been processed, to request information about it if it has been processed, to find out if it has been used in accordance with its purpose, to know the third parties to whom it has been transferred at home or abroad, to request correction of them if it has been incomplete or inaccurately processed, to request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the law, to ask for notification of the actions taken within the scope of correction, deletion or destruction of the above mentioned third parties, you have the right to object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing it exclusively through automated systems. If you wish to exercise such rights, learn more about them, or ask any questions regarding this Privacy Agreement, please contact us via the address below. may unilaterally amend the terms of this agreement by declaring it on the site at any time. The changes will be in effect from the moment they are posted.

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