The Animal, Interactive Unboxing Toy Truck

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Are you able to set the beast free? The Animal is a powerful interactive vehicle that manages to break free from its confines! When you peel off the outer layer of the package and lift the tab to reveal the key, you’ve completed the ultimate unpacking experience. Unlock the crate and let The Animal within come to life! It’s up to you to enrage The Animal enough for him to lash out. It will roar back if you scream! It will retaliate if you knock.The Animal is listening! Continue to yell and knock, and the crate will begin to shake as The Animal comes to life with luminous eyes and sounds! Angry The Animal till it evolves into a beast, clawing its way out of the container! The Animal is ready to claw and climb as soon as it is unboxed. The Animal can claw and climb over obstacles and power over varied terrains thanks to retractable claws hidden in the wheels! Claw your way over items up to 3 inches tall with The Animal! The Animal is simple to use once it’s out of the crate. To see it move, set the throttle to forward or reverse and push the motor down! Simply push the motor or the tow lever again to bring The Animal to a halt. Use the supplied tow strap to pull another toy, or switch to reverse and test The Animal’s strength with a tug of war game! Discover all of The Animal’s possible interactions with you. Shake your truck to enrage it, knock or yell at it to make it growl, or turn The Animal over to see and hear it moan! 4 Duracell AA batteries power the Animal (included). The Animal is the ultimate unwrapping vehicle, capable of clawing and climbing over anything – including its own box! With The Animal, you can claw your way through any obstacle! RELEASE THE BEAST: Make the box shake by yelling and knocking on it, and hear The Animal snarl and roar. It’s up to you to enrage The Animal enough for it to break out from its crate! You can even go through the unboxing process again!
BEAST AND TRUCK IN ONE: With retractable claws, bright eyes, and sound effects, the Animal turns from a powerful 4X4 truck to a beast! Find out how The Animal may engage with you in a variety of ways.

CLAWS AND CLIMBS: The Animal’s retractable claws allow him to climb where others can’t! Test it to see how well it can overcome obstacles and traverse various terrains! It can climb up to 3 inches tall items!
TUG AND TOW POWER: Add extra ways to play by attaching the tow strap to the front or back of the truck. Put the Animal’s strength to the test by tugging and towing other vehicles, or reverse it to play tug of war.

One The Animal Truck, one Hook Connector, one Tow Strap, one Key, one Instruction Sheet, and one Quick Start Guide are included.
CHOKING HAZARD – SMALL PARTS WARNING Not suitable for youngsters under the age of three.

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