The Velvetiser – Copper Edition

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Deal Score+1
$149.95 Buy It Now

The Velvetiser – Copper Edition

Imagined by Hotel Chocolat and designed by Dualit, this sleek machine produces decadent hot chocolate and lattes in just 2.5 minutes. Enjoy choosing a sample of our favorite flavors from our Everything Collection. No powder, no syrup, just real grated chocolate chips.

Plug in your velvet, select your special beverage and milk (milk, plant-based or water) and press the button. Single-Serve sachets are super easy to use and contain just the right amount you need for your Velvetiser to create a delicious barista-style drink at home.

Included with your Velvetiser:

2 ceramic Podcups worth $25
1 year full parts and labor warranty
Everything Hot Chocolate Selection
Everything Hot Chocolate Selection 10 single servings. 10 flavors. Comforting and jaw-dropping milk, white, dark and caramel milk recipes from our ever-expanding single-serve library. Designed for use in Velvetiser. No confusion. No fuss. The ‘correct’ portion size of drinking chocolate.

Which will you try first? (Selection includes one of each flavor).

Milky 50% Soft. Deep chocolate. Drinks and Ices have long been bestsellers at our locations.
Classic 70% Perfectly balanced cocoa hit. Neither too sweet nor too bitter.
Salted Caramel Caramel milk chocolate and some Maldon sea salt. malt. Relaxing.
Hazelnut Praline A full-bodied chocolate flavor enriched with notes of roasted hazelnuts.
Dark 85% concentrated single origin cocoa with notes of malt, biscuit. A surprisingly creamy finish.
Orange 65% Supermilk chocolate is infused with round notes of citrus and fresh blood orange.
Chilli Elegant 70% dark chocolate warmed with a mild Habanero pepper.
Vanilla-White 36% white chocolate with rich cream, Madagascan vanilla.
Ginger 70% dark chocolate protects itself against fiery, natural ginger. It leaves you all shining.
Mint Cooling Domesticated mint with 70% dark chocolate. Refreshingly different.

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