Tuya Smart IR Remote Control Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Air Conditioner TV DVD AC Works with Alexa,Google Home

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Product features:

With this Universal IR Remote Control, you can control your smartphone with STB(Set-Top-Box), TV Box, TV, Air Conditioner, Fan, DVD etc. You can check with You can use it to control home appliances, such as compatible with most brands. Details, please refer to the list of supported brands in the App. It also has LEARNING FUNCTION, it allows you to copy the core function of the original remote to the App.
Note: Not compatible with household appliances using RF or BLUETOOTH remote control.

1. Huge IR Code Database
Support 4000+ brands, 50000+ IR Codes in cloud, supported devices library is constantly updated by cloud.

2. Built-in temperature and humidity sensor
With the help of the built-in sensor, you can learn the temperature and humidity in the room at any time. And do the next automation based on their values. For example, turn on the air conditioner when the temperature is higher than 26 ℃, and turn on the humidifier when the humidity is less than 50%.

3. App Remote Control
Remotely control your home appliances anytime anywhere using the “Tuya Smart” app on your smartphone. For example: Turn on the home air conditioner in advance, enjoying the comfortable temperature when you come home.

4. Easy to install and add to the app
When you plug the cable line into the device, the device starts to work, and then select the “auto scan” function of the app to find the device. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

5. Volume Control
You can voice control your home appliances by connecting Smart speaker such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home. For example: Alexa, turn on the TV; Ok Google, set the air conditioner temperature to 25 degrees.

6. Scenario and Automation in Application
A scenario consists of 1 or more actions. You can control multiple devices with one touch by creating a “Scenario”; By adding an “Automation” and working with other smart home devices, the Wi-Fi remote can automatically perform actions based on conditions such as device status, weather and time.

7. Timer and Auto Trigger
Adjust the time settings for your home appliances according to your living habits, such as turning the air conditioner on and off at regular intervals.

8. DIY
If your home appliance brand is not listed or not supported, customize the buttons in Tuya Smart App.

9. Third Party Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri (iOS 12.0 or later), Tmall Genie, Tecent Xiaowei, DingDong, Rokid, DuerOS etc. works with

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